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A successful containerized cargo shipment depends on four basic fundamentals.

  • Matching the cargo to the correct type of container that is best suited for the forthcoming voyage – be it by land or water.
  • Ensuring that the container is in good condition prior to loading the cargo and that it is carried and handled correctly throughout the voyage.
  • Ensuring that the cargo is loaded correctly into the container and is properly secured against movement during the voyage.
  • Ensuring that all the relevant cargo information is communicated to all appropriate parties to ensure that the container and its contents will arrive at the consignee in the expected condition.


This STN Shipping section contains information and guidance on how all parties can work together to best ensure that cargoes are loaded correctly into or onto containers.
This page contains general advice on loading into containers, including some do’s and dont’s, with the associated pages give more specific advice and guidance


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3) General Stowage

1) Pack Points

1) Pack Points

1) Pack Points